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Divorce in the United States is something that is often viewed as negative. While a large majority of people associate it with ill feelings, chaos, and never-ending conflict, that doesn?t have to be the reality of divorce across America. It doesn?t have to be your reality, especially if you?re about to dive into this process.

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Ashley-Nicole is dedicated to understanding her client?s needs and protecting their interests. As a child of divorce, she knows first hand the hardship and long-term effects of the traditional litigation model. She is committed to the Collaborative Divorce process outlined in the North Carolina General Statutes as a healthier alternative to litigation. Ashley-Nicole used the Collaborative Process in her own divorce, and she knows the success of the process first hand to preserve relationships and set the tone for a life of peace after divorce. She opened The Law Offices of Ashley-Nicole Russell, P.A. to help families navigate the emotional and legal aspects of separation and divorce in the Triangle and Eastern North Carolina.

Divorce doesn’t just affect the parents and children involved. From Co-workers and employees to friends, neighbors, and spouses, the toxic fallout of divorce and years of mismanaged conflict can touch us all, all over North Carolina and America, changing the way we approach the world. Veteran Divorce, Child Custody, & Family Law Attorney Ashley-Nicole Russell...