High Net Worth Divorce Attorney in Greenville, Raleigh & Beaufort, NC

A divorce lawyer can be an expensive and difficult, fraught with unforeseen emotional issues. When sizable assets are a part of a divorce settlement, you should consider an attorney who will take the steps necessary to protect your marital rights and interests. You should secure the representation of an experienced divorce attorney, who understands the issues surrounding high net worth couples, and their collective assets.

Couples with extensive marital assets and estates are likely to face complicating factors during their divorce. The equitable distribution of property can be a difficult process, and can include:

  • Stock options (Employment and Personal)
  • Business valuations
  • Vacation Homes/Other homes
  • Rental property
  • Investment accounts
  • Savings / Checking Accounts
  • Children’s Accounts (College & More)

Ashley-Nicole Russell is skilled at protecting her clients’ assets during a divorce settlement. Her team of associates and financial experts perpetuate a positive, mutually beneficial outcome for her clients.

Outside of these high asset situations, a divorce will certainly impact other marital matters. In these cases, we provide our clients with expertise in:

  • Child Support
  • Child custody
  • Separation support and Alimony

Attorney Ashley Nicole Russell is a strong advocate for you in Greenville, Raleigh or New Bern, NC.

At The Law Offices of Ashley-Nicole Russell, we are skilled in family law, and help our clients achieve the best outcome in these high net worth divorces. Ashley-Nicole Russell provides her client family with sound, legal advice that will help you understand all of your options while developing a highly effective strategy to help protect what is yours.
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