Absolute or Uncontested Divorce Attorney in Greenville, Raleigh & Beaufort, NC

An Absolute or Uncontested Divorce only deals with ending the marriage and does not deal with property division, Cash-flow or Alimony, or Child Custody or Support. In North Carolina, the requirements for obtaining a NC absolute divorce on the grounds of of a one year separation include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Either the plaintiff or the defendant must have resided in North Carolina for at least six months immediately preceding the institution of the divorce action.
  2. The parties must have lived separate and apart for one year. Whether there has been a resumption of marital relations during the period of separation shall be determined pursuant to the general statutes.
  3. The plaintiff must set forth the name and age of any minor child or children of the marriage.

The complaint for absolute divorce is filed in district court. The action is to be filed in the county in which either plaintiff or defendant resides. In the Collaborative approach, the attorneys generally negotiate all variables of the divorce peacefully with the opposing counsel to reach a settlement prior to calendaring for finalization. To find out all of the requirements and steps involved in an uncontested or absolute divorce call the office to schedule an appointment today, or contact us.