• Excellent Service

    Ashley Nicole Russell negotiated my separation agreement. She was extremely professional and responsive to questions both by email and over the phone. She was able to get an agreement that was fair to both parties done in a very quick fashion which is exactly what I was looking for.


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  • Cooperative and Respectful Process

    Ashely-Nicole Russell is passionate about providing a cooperative and respectful process for families to handle life-changing events through collaborative law. She educated me about collaborative law so that I felt confident it was the best, and only way for my family to go through this process. She was committed to keeping our young children as the central focus. During such an emotional and intense time, she guided me in making crucial decisions in a professional way with sensitivity to my specific situation. Ashley-Nicole thoughtfully assessed the unique circumstances of my family and helped us plan effectively around our needs. It was important for me to choose a process that would protect my family from the harmful effects of litigation and also maintain an amicable relationship with my spouse. By choosing collaborative law and Ashley-Nicole, I was able to maintain control over my decisions, establish effective communication with my spouse and focus on the future of my family with a healthy and hopeful attitude.
    Ashley-Nicole is a warrior for families going through divorce. She truly invested in my family because she cares about me and the precious future of my children.

    Margaret Dalonzo

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  • Above and Beyond my Expectations

    I recently hired Ashley-Nicole Russell to help with my separation. Both she and Cassidy Johnson went above and beyond my expectations and made a difficult situation less stressful. They made me feel comfortable talking to them and answered any and all questions quickly. They worked with my schedule and their office staff was always very friendly and helpful. Ashley-Nicole Russell is very honest and knowledgeable and when I made decisions based on emotion she was quick to get me back on track in doing what was best for the children. Not only do they work hard for their clients, they truly care about them. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Ashley-Nicole Russell.

    Megan Marie

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  • Stress Free Guidance

    Getting a divorce is one of the scariest decisions one can make. Especially when you have a lot of issues to deal with (e.g. business, homes, children, etc).
    From the moment I met Ashley I felt at ease and able to deal with anything. I dealt with a great deal of stress and frustrations during the process and any time I called or sent an email, Ashley responded back quickly and always made me feel like she understood and made the entire process bearable. Her entire team was very respectful and made you feel like family. She is all about what is best for the children and that is critical. She went above and beyond what she really had to do to help me because she genuinely wanted to help and provide resolution. She is great and I would recommend her to anyone.


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  • Grateful for Her Partnership and Leadership

    I didn't want this. Divorce was not the plan. When I first heard she no longer wanted to be married I was ready to go to war - it was all I knew. The mention of collaborative divorce was virgin territory.
    Ashely-Nicole Russell won me over very quickly in our introductory session. War was not going to bring me any peace. War was not going to be good for the kids. There were moments it seemed liked bombs were going off. Ashely-Nicole was able to guide me through the minefields helping remember that I sought a heart of peace, and I would be better for it.
    She was excellent counsel who allowed me safe space to speak my heart and mind keeping me from becoming my own worst enemy. I am very grateful for her partnership and leadership through this tough season of life.

    Dennis Peay

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  • Made a Difficult Time Easier

    Divorce is very difficult, Ashley-Nicole is very compassionate about her clients in collaborative divorce which is most comforting to the families involved.

    Karen Smith

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  • Knowledgeable and Personable

    Ashley-Nicole was very helpful and made my process seamless. Her prices are very reasonable and her professionalism was top notch. I am very happy with the services I received.


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  • Very Professional and Compassionate

    Very professional but very compassionate. Makes this difficult situation easier for her client. Highly recommend Ashley-Nicole.

    Kathy Sheppard

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  • Very Honest... I Love It

    I met Ashley-Nicole through our shared love of animals and our work with the Animal Control Board. She is one of the most intelligent women I have ever met. She is also very honest and blunt which I love. She will help you and your family get through your stressful situation gracefully and with compassion. It makes a huge difference knowing you have someone knowledgeable and who cares about your best interest in your corner helping you. She helped a friend of mine through an extremely difficult situation and I am so grateful. I highly recommend her as an Attorney and her Law Office.

    Kelli Williams

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  • Excellent Family Lawyer

    Ashley-Nicole is a wonderful lawyer! She puts the needs of her client and their children first. If you're struggling with decisions, she will offer you the best advice and not sugar-coat it. My separation and divorce was a major life-changing event for me. Ashley-Nicole guided me throughout the entire process and managed to keep it stress-free for all. I highly recommend her for all family cases.


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  • Highest Level of Integrity and Compassion

    When Ashley-Nicole Russell introduced me to the concept of collaborative divorce I wondered why I had never heard of it before. It was then that I realized that only an attorney with the highest levels of integrity and compassion would specialize in this field. I personally know Ashley-Nicole to be a very bright and animated person with a bubbly personality and the ability to put those around her at ease. Her sensitive nature is rife with humanity and she is driven by her personal experience as a child of divorce to offer protection to those least able to protect themselves when divorce is the only solution.

    Cynthia Perry

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  • Knows Her Stuff

    This lady knows her stuff! She is professional, knowledgable, and compassionate and she leaves no stone unturned!! She definitely helped me during a pivotal time in my life. Very proficient and would highly recommend her services to anyone searching for the best attorney!!

    Cathy Kelly

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  • Huge Help

    Ashley-Nicole was a huge help to me; walking me through my separation and divorce process. I am glad that I had an attorney that met my needs with compassion and understanding.

    Nicole Hardison

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  • An Incredibly Passionate Expert

    Ashley-Nicole is incredibly passionate about collaborative law and its importance in family law. Her goal is to assist her client through the divorce process by recognizing the emotional concerns that cannot be resolved by the court system, insulating children, and creating win-win solutions for both parties.

    In addition to her expertise in collaborative family law, she is an asset to her community. She is actively involved in numerous civic activities including the Greenville - Pitt County Chamber of Commerce, Boys and Girls Club, and American Heart Association.

    Mary-Beth Eason

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  • Very Happy with My Results

    I would highly recomend Ashley-Nicole to everyone. She is proficient, knowledgeable and attentive in negotiating settlement. I am very happy with my results and the timeliness of the process. If you want someone who will work diligently for you, she is definitely your attorney!

    Jeff Pressly

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  • Referred to Everyone

    I was referred to Ashley-Nicole by a friend who also worked with her. Starting from the initial contact, she was extremely responsive and informative. She helped guide me through the divorce process and answered all of my questions along the way. I felt completely comfortable knowing she would get everything taken care of for me. I have already referred her to anyone seeking a divorce lawyer and will continue to do so.

    Heather Zapf

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  • Extremely Knowledgeable and Thorough in Her Work

    Ashley-Nicole helped make a difficult situation less stressful. She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in her work. I truly felt that Ashley-Nicole gave 110% and was always there for me when I had questions or concerns. Ashley-Nicole took the time to understand my situation, gave honest advice, and always made me feel supported. I highly recommend Ashley-Nicole!

    Jessica Jefferson

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  • Truly Cares and Passionate

    Ashley-Nicole Russell is a very knowledgable attorney. She truly cares about her clients and is very passionate about the collaborative process.

    Haley Johnson

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  • Extremely Professional and Easy to Work With

    Avoiding the drama of the courtroom is best for all parties, especially if children are involved. Working with Ashley-Nicole Russell as a conflict resolution attorney is the way to go! She is extremely professional and easy to work with, I highly recommend her services.


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    An amazing attorney, very dedicated to her clients, was the first collaborative law attorney in Eastern NC!

    Anna Faso

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  • Thrilled

    I recently hired Ashley to help me through the painful and complicated mess we call divorce. As a man I was very concerned with coming out of this process being taken advantage of as it is my understanding men typically do not fare well. Ashley was caring, very knowledgeable, and a joy to work with. She was very proactive and offered solid beneficial advise and suggestions. I am thrilled that I chose her to represent me and cannot say enough good things about her and her staff!!!

    Rob Campbell

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  • Gratitude!!

    It is difficult to put into words the immense amount of gratitude I have for Ashley-Nicole Russell and the legal guidance she has provided over the past 10 months. During the most difficult and challenging period in my life, Ashley provided me with clear and concise legal guidance, which undoubtedly prevented any additional loss to my personal and financial welfare.

    The results of my wrongful death case have left me in a much more financially stable position than I had originally imagined. Thanks to Ashley-Nicole Russell’s persistent diligence, I feel comfortable in my ability to move forward after the traumatic life event in which I have encountered.

    I cannot begin to express that gratitude I have for Ashley-Nicole, specifically the support and professionalism she provided during undoubtedly the most challenging period of my life. Had it not been for Ashley-Nicole, I could not imagine the additional hardships I would have had to assume, both financially and mentally. By having Ashley-Nicole represent me, I knew that she had my best interests in mind, which was one of the only certainties I had.

    Josh Barbee

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  • Extremely pleased!

    Ashley-Nicole consulted with me on a matter concerning poor dental work that I had received. She was so very considerate of my feelings about this matter, I felt comfortable talking with her and felt as though I had a champion. Ms. Russell kept me informed throughout the process. I was extremely pleased with the outcome. I would recommend The Law Offices of Ashley-Nicole Russell to not only my friends and family but to anyone looking for a Champion Attorney!

    The Law Offices of Ashley-Nicole Russell is a very friendly and professional business office I feel fortunate to have gotten to know everyone during my process. I hope everyone gets a chance to meet them as well.

    Karen Smith

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