**For confidentiality purposes the names of the clients have been removed to protect the process.

Going through divorce is one of the toughest and most emotional processes anyone can go through in life. It can get messy and traumatic for everybody involved, no matter if it was a mutually-exclusive decision or one of the spouses asked for it. However, despite this being a difficult period, you can still end up with a healthy, happy and positive outcome after divorce.

No, it’s not a fairy tale. It is a possibility and has become a reality to some couples. And it all boils down to making the biggest decision prior to beginning the proceedings: what process will you choose?

In this episode of Divorce, Healthy! attorney and author Ashley-Nicole Russell, of ANR Law, talks to two of her Courageous Clients – one of whom chose the collaborative process for her divorce, and the other, seeing the effects of this process in their shared life today. They discuss the advantages of choosing this type of process instead of hiring a litigation attorney or firm to handle the divorce. While the latter seemed to be rooted in an element of revenge, collaboration makes you feel protected and supported, helping ease the heaviness and pain of divorce.

Her Courageous Clients also talk about how important it is to set aside your differences and pride and put your children first throughout the whole period. Choose the process above yourself and focus on the kids and how the divorce can impact the rest of their lives. If remarriage is on the horizon for either of the parties, it will be easier to sort out any child custody arrangements or step-parenting plans moving forward.

It shouldn’t be an option to show your kids that their parents are tearing each other apart. And that while they may not love each other as husband and wife, there is still the possibility of a loving, functioning relationship between the ex-partners. This is especially true in light of the current global situation we are facing in light of the COVID-19 epidemic and the Coronavirus disease. Imagine how much stress can be lifted off of divorced parents’ shoulders when they both can coordinate on what’s best for their kids in an emergency such as this.

Make the choice to be the best version of yourself despite being in conflict, so that you don’t pass the burden on to your kids. Think about any decisions you’ll be making and the repercussions it may have, and whether or not these will contribute to the outcome that you want.

While divorce is exhausting and emotional, it can still have an outcome that will be healthy and favorable to all who are involved – including any new people that may come in the picture afterwards.

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