The expense of divorce can be quite a burden, especially with today’s rising costs forcing us all to do more with less. Erin Levine, founder of Hello Divorce, is seeking to change that narrative.

An experienced divorce attorney herself, Erin wanted to find a way to reduce the most expensive part of the divorce process — attorneys. She recognized that most divorces don’t require litigation. Instead, clients need a basic set of resources and support from compassionate professionals who can help make the legal divorce process as painless as possible.

“The goal of Hello Divorce is to make divorce easier, friendlier, and a lot more affordable,” Erin says. “It doesn’t mean that there won’t be conflict. There’s almost always conflict. But it doesn’t mean that we need to ramp up the divorce such that we’re battling it out in court.”

She developed Hello Divorce to be a checklist and one-stop-shop for attaining divorce resources — from compiling documents, to mediation, to working with an attorney to draft and submit the final paperwork to court.

Hello Divorce is customizable and can be tailored to fit each person’s particular needs. Its competitive pricing packages and à la carte services provide options that are typically out of reach for most people. Though the full suite of offerings is currently available in just a few select states, Erin plans to expand so she can serve more people.

On this episode of Divorce, Healthy! host Ashley-Nicole sits down with Erin to discuss how Hello Divorce is driving change and creating space for more comfortable divorces. 

Tune in to this episode of Divorce, Healthy! with Ashley-Nicole Russell, Collaborative Attorney serving Beaufort, Raleigh, and Greenville, NC.

💡 Featured Guest 💡

Name: Erin Levine

What she does: Erin Levine, Esq. is an experienced divorce attorney who developed her company, Hello Divorce, to help streamline, cut costs, educate, and reduce overwhelm for uncomplicated divorces. Her mission is to make divorce easier, friendlier, and more affordable.

Words of wisdom: “[Divorce is] not an event. It’s a journey.”

Connect: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Pinterest

🗝️ Key Points 🗝️ 

Top takeaways from this Divorce, Healthy! episode 

  • Most divorces don’t need a litigating attorney. When there are two willing parties in a divorce, it’s often easier to come to an agreement without going to trial. Hello Divorce is a great option for those cases because it saves money and heartache.
  • Reduce the overwhelm through education. It’s easy to feel lost when starting the divorce journey. Hello Divorce offers worksheets and checklists to help you work through the basics and manage the anxiety around the entire divorce process. 
  • Hello Divorce’s resources aim to democratize divorce in all 50 states. While Hello Divorce isn’t yet available across the country, you can use its worksheets to get organized no matter your location. Also, prospective clients can use Hello Divorce’s mediators, then use a local attorney to draft the needed documents.

âš¡ Episode Insights âš¡

[04:16] The goal for Hello Divorce: Erin wants people to leave her website with the ability to “reduce the overwhelm” and feel more comfortable with an uncomfortable subject. 

[07:03] Who can benefit from Hello Divorce: Erin gives an overview of the intended audience for Hello Divorce. It’s typically for uncomplicated divorces.

[10:08] What to expect from a consultation: Erin breaks down the Hello Divorce process and how to best make use of the resources available. 

[14:43] The reach of Hello Divorce: Hello Divorce is not available in all 50 states yet, due to the different laws in each state. Currently, it’s available in California, Colorado, Texas, and Utah, with New York and Florida coming soon. 

[18:18] Mediation services across the country: Even if Hello Divorce packages are not available in your state, anyone can use the company’s mediation services and then have the necessary paperwork completed by a local attorney. 

[23:40] Maximizing your money by using Hello Divorce worksheets: Instead of using valuable billable hours with a lawyer, get prepared by using Hello Divorce’s worksheets to pull together documents. Even if you can’t do the whole worksheet, it points out where you need help from the professionals. 

[25:36] What is this going to cost me?: Erin goes over the fee options for Hello Divorce’s packages and services. 

[30:39] Up next for Hello Divorce: Erin recently hired a chief product officer from TurboTax to incorporate product and machine learning to her business, while still maintaining a human touch. 

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