Life after divorce can be challenging. After grueling court proceedings and litigation, ex-partners—particularly women—may feel like it’s the end of life as they know it. There’s a lot to process and work through, with many left feeling hopeless and victimized years later. While this time is indeed one when you’re probably the most vulnerable, raw, and emotional, it can still be the biggest opportunity to finally discover who you truly are. And, all it takes it to change your perspective and make a choice.

In this episode of Divorce, Healthy! attorney and author Ashley-Nicole Russell, of ANR Law, is joined by love and transformation coach Jennifer Butler to discuss conscious uncoupling and how women can get back on their feet after divorce. Jennifer reveals what conscious uncoupling is and what the process entails, not just for women going through a divorce, but for those who are still stuck in their post-divorce environment. It’s all about taking yourself out of a victimhood mentality and looking at things from the self as the source.

Although difficult, the process also allows you to lean into grief and all the other emotions you’re feeling. Jennifer stresses, the way out of anything is to walk straight into it, and allow yourself to come out the other side free and at peace. They also encourage using this time to move forward and level up – even taking baby steps is better than nothing. Ask yourself, what are you turning this grief into? Don’t allow time to have its way with you, letting negativity to calcify inside your body.

Jennifer also emphasizes the importance of protecting your space, being mindful of the energy you’re allowing to enter. Consider finding or forming a supportive group as you go through the process and be open and available for the things in life that will serve you.

For Jennifer and Ashley-Nicole, how you do one thing is how you do everything – and this also applies to divorce. The way you’re handling this stage of your life can influence your kids in a major way. So, take a look at the choices you’re making and determine whether you’re growing, evolving, and expanding because of these. Show your children that you can still be the best version of yourself, even if you’re going through something as awful as divorce.


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