When it comes to divorce, there are many pre-conceived notions about how things will go down. Although some of these things do often happen, a large portion of these notions are actually myths. This is why we wanted to break down some of the most popular myths about divorce just for you!

Women Always Win in Family Court

If you ask any woman who has been in Family Court they will tell you they don’t feel like the “winner”. Most women, I know I did, financially suffer more than their husbands after the marriage and end up with more responsibilities caring for the children. More work and less money. It does not feel like a victory.

Men Can Never Get Joint Custody in Family Court

There is a growing trend in family court to start with the assumption that it is in the best interests of the children to order joint legal custody. Except in high conflict cases or where the parents/guardians can never seem to communicate effectively, joint legal custody is becoming the norm. Joint legal custody means you will make decisions related to the children together. It is not about the children’s schedule with each parent. That’s a different issue altogether.

Attorneys Make Things Worse

There is a new type of family law lawyers who really want to help you get a resolution of your family law issues in a timely, respectful, confidential manner so you can get on with your life. These lawyers are called Collaborative Practice lawyers and they help minimize the pain of your divorce.  They don’t make things worse. They make them better.

Within the walls of AN|R Law Offices in Raleigh NC, I see first-hand the benefits of what the Collaborative Process has done to heal families. Having divorced myself a couple of years ago, I wish I had been aware of all the options that were available to me. In hindsight, I feel that my traditional divorce experience has allowed me to be an advocate of reinforcing that there is a better way!