The end of the school year is a stressful time for both kids and parents. Exams, EOGs, Field Days, and Award Ceremonies can make the end of the year chaotic. As kids count down the days until summer vacation, parents may find stress in planning summer childcare plans and vacations. This stress can be magnified when going through a separation or divorce, as children want both parents to be active participants at these end of the year school activities and parents need to communicate about summer plans.

In order to make this time of the year as relaxing and fun as possible, parents should work towards positive communication about their child’s activities. Parents should encourage their children to have fun with both parents and support the other parent participating in their child’s school activities and extracurriculars. Children do not want one parent skipping their award ceremony simply because the other parent decided to come. When parents are able to get along well enough to both participate in their child’s activities, the whole family has positively impacted: Children are able to enjoy having both parents involved and neither parent feels left out of his or her child’s life.

Here at the Law Offices of Ashley-Nicole Russell in Raleigh NC, we understand the impact divorce can have on children. When engaging in the collaborative divorce process, parents are able to communicate effectively, promoting healthy outcomes for the entire family. When parents are able to work together respectfully, this chaotic time of the year can transition smoothly into a fun-filled summer!