Hello followers. Ashley-Nicole here. I wanted to share this video as it is close to my heart and my journey. My mission to save the families of divorce is rooted in my own childhood and the disastrous effects the adversarial system has on children.

In this video you will hear the pain of Mandy’s parents as they dealt with their own demons, and the pain and scars Mandy carried in growing up too early and being sacrificed to adult problems. You can hear the betrayal Mandy and her father felt by the Judge. Know that Judges do the best they can but they can never know your family like you do.

Ultimately Mandy lost her dad to depression arising from the custody battle and he took his own life. In those moments Mandy listened to her mother taunt him. She watch the two people who gave her life destroy each other and started on a path to destroy herself. She did not think she was worthy of love.

Mandy was able to overcome her anger and fear and feeling of worthlessness by believing in love. Mandy and I have been stronger than most. For most, our childhoods would have been crippling.

The marriage rate of this generation is at an all time low. That is not just a coincidence. Children have now watched their parents destroy each other in litigation for decades. Those children are now adults and struggle to make real connections. They struggle to feel love because they struggle to find themselves worthy. Let’s stop the pain and destruction.

AN|R Law is here to help you find a better way forward for yourself and for your children. Divorce does not have to be a war. It is painful but that is a small part of the process. We will protect you and guide you toward happiness. You deserve it. Your children deserve it.

In truth and love,

Ashley-Nicole Russell