As a 16 year “child” of a painful divorce, I swore as an adult “it would never happen to me”.  At 51, that deep scar was ripped open and my heart fell to pieces out of my chest.  My kids were young adults, but my first thoughts were what not to do to repeat the cycle of what my parents put me and my brother through. It was very hard to be the bigger person, but I did it.  I did it for my kids.

My kids now have families of their own, and I know through our many late night talks that they appreciate the way all of their childhood memories were not destroyed because their mother learned a very valuable lesson at 16.

It is all about the kids. You create them, you give them life, you nurture and protect them from all the ugly and evil as a baby, toddler, young child, teen, and adult. No matter the age, it is your job to protect them. No matter if protecting them means swallowing your pride and not destroying their image of the other parent in front of them, because you two could not play nice in the sandbox of life.

Some days I struggle with why I work in this area of law.  I have seen the heartbreak, I have lived the heartache. Then I look at the pictures of my kids on my desk, the walls of my home, the wallpaper on my phone and always see their images in my head, and I smile.  My heart still beats, and it is because of them.  It is always about the kids.  Make it better for them now, they have to carry on the core values and beliefs.  They are the future of  family. This is why I feel collaborative divorce is important and why I chose to seek out a career in this field. Contact ANR Law for the best collaborative divorce experience around!